Soul Arch Coffee Table

By: Jasper Eales

Board: L 1640mm x W 655mm x H 32mm
Base: L 878mm x W 411mm x H 428mm
Assembled: L 1640mm x W 655mm x H 470mm

Board: Locally sourced Kiaat and Ficus, sealed with Danish Oil.
Locking system: Marine grade (5083) Aluminium.
Base: Reinforced Fiber Cement & Cork/Rubber compound feet.

The Soul Arch Story
As a lifelong surfer and ocean enthusiast, with a passion and understanding to create refined, functional beauty, ‘Soul Arch’ was a perfect opportunity to express my visions.

Soul Arch is a classic surfing maneuver, which originated in the earliest forms of surfing. It is performed while positioned on the front of the board, arching your back, arms raised in the air, with hands clasped behind your head, and is a visual expression demonstrating casual confidence, style and balance.
Drawing reference from some of the most ancient forms of surfboards that date back to pre European contact in Hawaii. These wooden boards were short, wide and fast, and became the punk rock of surfing in the twentieth century. Today they symbolize an icon of beauty and style.

The selection of locally sourced timber in the form of Ficus and South African Kiaat for ‘Soul Arch’ was a natural one, given the South African origin and unique qualities of the wood. The choice to contrast the refined hand shaped wooden form with an equally gracious raw reinforced fiber cement base was to complement one another in their natural, but sophisticated beauty. 10mm Marine grade aluminum was machined to form the locking system. This is where technology and design are introduced as a highly functional but subtle detail.

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