Diorama: Longboard Magazine Cover in 3D

By Ian Van Driesche

After getting the go ahead from Rick Rietveld of Longboard Magazine, Ian was able to create yet another amazing surf diorama. This time round, he replicated a 2005 cover of Longboard Magazine which features this cartoon illustration of a surfer racing out of the tube wearing a traditional pa ‘u, or skirt with a lei, or flower necklace.

This size  of diorama (70 cm in length X  40cm in width X 34 cm in height) takes about six weeks to make. I use two types of clear resin and ‘Pebeo’ ceramic and vitrail paints.

The surfer-figurine was morphed out of three Todd McFarlane 6-inch figs. I sculpted the hair with putty (but I’m still hoping to find a face to scale with more likeness).

Obviously I use a Bosch-blowdryer to remove air-bubbles in resin if need be, and a Dremel to work on the figurine.

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